Under 12 Match Reports 2017-2018

15th October 2017: Kerry Lee

Stratton Youth 1-4 Robins U12

Good away win for U12s!

Stratton nearly took the lead early on but Ethan made a brave and well timed tackle inside the box. But just 13 minutes into the game Michael made a perfect strike just outside the box giving Robins a 0-1 lead.

Robins pushed on from there and kept pushing forward and just 24 minutes in, their persistence paid off. Again from Michael, doubling their lead to 0-2. Some changes were made by Robins (Casey and Harry for Chamood and Isiah).

Once again Michael kept pressuring the players and made a great tackle winning the ball after closing down their defence. He skilfully took the ball around two defensive players and earned himself and the team a well deserved hat-trick. 0-3.

Stratton didn't give up and made some great attempts at goal. Heith (Robins goalie) committed to closing down their defence on the edge of the box Stratton took a chance and went for goal, hitting the crossbar, but Heith got back on his line and made a fantastic save keeping a clean sheet as the half time whistle was blown. 0-3 HT.

Stratton came back out all geared up and tested Heith once again, he made another great save just tipping the ball over the crossbar.

Michael didn't give up and there was some great football played between midfield and the strikers, Dante played Michael into some open space which gave Robins a 0-4 lead.

More changes were made Michael, Finn and Ethan for Blake, Harry and Casey.

Stratton kept fighting and eventually earned themselves a goal 1-4.

Isiah had some great chances but their keeper also made some great saves tipping some shots over the cross bar.

A few minutes before FT Stratton were given a penalty, unfortunately they put it past the post. Final score 1-4 Robins.


  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Michael
  • Michael

Player of the Match

  • Dante
1st October 2017: Kerry Lee

Robins U12 3-2 Newbury

Robins seal the points with dramatic last minute winner!

After losing the first half 0-1, Robins came back on the pitch all geared up and ready for action. However, the ball crossed the goal line once again for Newbury to double their lead.

But Robins stayed focused and didn\'t give up. Dante took a left footed shot inside the box making it 1-2. The boys didn\'t let it get to them and knew they were back in the game! Then within a few minutes Noah made it 2-2 with another left footed shot at goal.

They kept level headed and Newbury certainly kept the defence on their toes. In the last minute, the defence cleared the ball and Isiah had a break up the wing, he took a shot at goal nipping past the goalie at the near post, making it 3-2 with just seconds to spare.

Great win Robins!

Player of the Match

  • Isiah Williams

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