26th February 2012

Robins JS U10 are Div 4 Champions!

Before even going into today's game, I just knew it wasn't going to be easy.

Despite Lights being third in the league behind Lambourn, I would argue that they are more of a challenge - very physical, tough and also play some fast attacking football, so we had to be one notch higher AGAIN! After the 4-3 win earlier in the season - they knew it wasn't going to be a stroll!

The boys knew that by winning this game, they'd become champions of Division 4, so if this didn't spur them on, then nothing would.

The match didn't disappoint - it was the physical game we all expected and end to end. Lights didn't really bother Alex but we had to be mindful of their attacking strengths and once again the defence did their jobs superbly.

Jack Rockett opened the scoring before Lights equalized and going into the half with the scores at 1-1.

The second half we attacked a lot more but once again as in previous games, the Lights keeper was having another quality game and it seemed he might frustrate the boys AGAIN.

Jack was having a GREAT battle in the middle...I told him to stand his ground, barge, use his body strength and make that ball his - he did it brilliantly.

The game was edging closer to a draw before Jude's brilliant effort of a well taken over-head kick hit the bar, which was excellently followed up by Jay from the rebound to accurately slot it side-footed across the goal - GREAT goal Jay - unlucky Jude!!

It was a tense few minutes and when that final whistle blew, well....the boys deservedly celebrated as DIVISION 4 CHAMPIONS!!!

With 2 games to go and still unbeaten, the boys still need to push for that second target - to remain unbeaten. To win ANY league and to hopefully go unbeaten during that time, is something to be very proud of - I as Coach am very proud of those boys and hopefully my shouting and yelling has made it worthwhile with a WINNERS medal on their shelf - hopefully the first of many.