14th December 2014


U8 White vs Stratton 7th Dec 2014 #footballremembers

In this centenary of the outbreak of the First World War, there have been many poignant commemorations of the terrible events of that conflict. One story that has always captured the imagination is of the 1914 Christmas Truce and, so the tale goes, that up and down the line soldiers on both sides took advantage of the temporary lull in hostilities to play games of football in the "No-Man's Land" between the lines of trenches. A poignant symbol of the power of football to unite different nations across the language barrier even in the midst of such terrible slaughter.

U7 Reds vs Wootton Bassett 14th Dec 2014 #footballremembers

To mark this anniversary the FA asked teams across the country, from the giants of the Premiership to the smallest Sunday League side, from the senior teams to the youngest players, to unite and link arms before games. The pictures taken were collected under the hashtag #footballremembers.

U10 Reds vs Greenmeadow City 14th Dec 2014 #footballremembers

Further information on the initiative is on the Wiltshire FA website here and all the photos from across the country have been uploaded to the specially created website http://www.footballremembers.com/.

U10 White 14th Dec 2014 #footballremembers

The Robins photos here can be viewed in a slightly larger format in our gallery here

U8 Reds vs Stratton Bears 14th Dec 2014 #footballremembers