3rd July 2023

Under 7s Red 1st season - a Journey of Growth and Triumph

We are delighted to share with you the remarkable journey of the Robins FC Under 7s team throughout their first season as a team. As their Manager, it has been an incredible honour to witness the growth and development of these talented players. Our first season together has been a remarkable experience, filled with joy, determination, and unforgettable moments.

Our journey commenced with an away match against Hungerford, a daunting challenge that sparked excitement and anticipation. Surprisingly, both the players and coaching staff handled the distance with ease, and the result was a memorable day filled with laughter and dance. This first encounter set the tone for the season, instilling a sense of camaraderie and a love for the game. Throughout the season, our young talents showcased their skills and passion, playing mesmerizing football that left spectators in awe. Goals were scored with finesse, and the players defended the pitch like true warriors, displaying their determination and grit. These remarkable performances surprised not only our opponents but also ourselves, highlighting the immense progress made by the team.

One of our proudest moments came when we emerged victorious in the NWYFL Trophy Event. The players displayed their exceptional teamwork, dedication, and talent, ultimately earning the well-deserved title. Additionally, we achieved runner-up status in an event at the Swindon Foundation Centre, further solidifying our team's success and growing reputation.

It is impossible to discuss our season without acknowledging the outstanding contributions of our individual players. Gabriel Pinto deserves special mention for his remarkable speed, talent, and goal-scoring prowess. His exceptional skills make him a standout player. Equally deserving of recognition are George Hiscock, whose saves kept us in the game, and Harry Mungai, who exhibited warrior-like defending skills. Abdul Idriss has progressed impressively and possesses exceptional passing abilities, while Shaydon Williams, a versatile player, has excelled in numerous positions, including goalkeeper. Arlo Cooper, signed by our esteemed Chairman, Paul Wainwright, has proved to be a talented addition to the team. Remi McCalla consistently delivered crucial goals when needed, and Mikaeel Selemani showcased leadership skills in the absence of our star players. Ethan Goronga is a player with huge potential who unfortunately we have missed dearly in both League games and Tournaments, we really hope to see more of Ethan in next season. Each player's growth and contributions have been remarkable, and we commend every single one of them for their dedication and hard work.

As a first-time coach, with invaluable assistance from Swindon's own icon, Phil Williams, we embraced the opportunity to participate in eleven tournaments after the league season. Filled with passion and spirit, we took on each tournament, leaving an indelible mark as proud Robins ambassadors. Our efforts culminated in finalist positions at Fairford, where we proudly brought home trophies. Topping the table in multiple tournaments added to our accomplishments, cementing our reputation as a formidable team.

As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming season as Under 8s, we are filled with excitement and anticipation. The remarkable experiences of this season have ignited a hunger within us to continue our journey of growth and triumph. With great enthusiasm, we eagerly await the opportunity to embark on new challenges, build upon our achievements, and create more unforgettable memories as part of the Robins FC family.

In conclusion, we extend our heartfelt congratulations to every player, parent, and supporter for their unwavering commitment and belief in the Robins FC Under 7s team. Together, we have achieved remarkable success, and we eagerly look forward to the future.